NOMINATION FORM: 2019 Africa Tertiary Entrepreneurs Awards

Completing The Form ____

1. Nomination for the Africa Tertiary Entrepreneurs Awards must be submitted to
2. We will not accept hand written nomination form.
3. Forms must be submitted before 20th August 2019.

About ATEA

Africa Tertiary Entrepreneurs Awards is the official Award scheme brand of Aketesia Group of Companies. ATEA is under the management of Regis Entertainment. Regis Entertainment is a subsidiary Brand of Aketesia Group of companies. ATEA is designed to Empower young Enterprising and business minded student Entrepreneurs in Africa to start small. ATEA has enabled many youth across Africa the edge to start something on their own.


Our vision is one where we are building a system with positive influence on young enterprising and business minded student entrepreneurs to across Africa & help many start a business venture on their own.


Atea in the long run will help reduce graduate unemployment in Africa.